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Active members:

                1. Officers of PhilSPEN
                2. Invited speakers and committee members during the annual PhilSPEN convention
                3. Attended PhilSPEN convention at least two times since year 2004 (first annual convention)
                4. Given a PhilSPEN member card
                5. Has shown influence and intense interest in clinical nutrition
                6. Paid membership dues
                1. Free access to research data, clinical nutrition guidelines and protocols (local and international) and lectures/presentations given during the convention
                2. Discounted membership rates and to other resources like books, seminar notes, webinars and others (e.g. T-shirts, bags, nutritionals)
                3. Endorsements for attendance to seminars, conferences and conventions (local or international) if needed
                4. Priority in availing of the above previleges

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