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POJ_0005.html Comparison of Body Mass Index based nutritional status using WHO criteria versus Asian criteria: report from the Philippines Luisito O. Llido, MD; Clinical Nutrition Service, St. Luke's Medical Center, Quezon City, Philippines; Roberto Mirasol, MD; Weight Management Center, St. Luke's Medical Center, Quezon City, Philippines
POJ_0007.html Nutrition team supervision on nutrient intake in critical care patients: report of a ten year experience in the Philippines (years 2000 to 2011) Llido Luisito O. MD (1), Sioson Mariana S. MD (1,2), Inciong Jesus Fernando MD (1), Manuales Grace MD (1)
POJ_0003.html Comparison of standard values of nutrition screening and assessment using BMI percentiles from FNRI-PPS, IRS, CDC 2000, and WHO-MGRS child growth standards in the pediatric population of a tertiary care hospital in the Philippines admitted between years 2000 and 2003 Edna P. Llido MD, Mercedita M. Macalintal MD, Ma. Christina Reyes MD, Nellie D. Gundao MD, Mary Anne B. Santos MD, Donabelle Faye I. Navarrete RND
POJ_0008.html Gastric emptying time in full-term pregnancy after drinking a 200 ml oral nutritional supplement: a pilot study among the Indonesian population Luciana B Sutanto, (1), Salim Surani, MD (2), Susworo Susworo, DR (1) et al.
POJ_0017.html The value of implementing a clinical nutrition program and nutrition support team (NST) to address the problem of malnutrition in the hospitals of the Philippines Hospital Malnutrition and Clinical Nutrition Program Task Force, Metro Manila, Philippines
POJ_6.html Nutritional status of patients with malignancy of the gastrointestinal tract and other malignancies; comparison of characteristics and pattern: a two year study in a private tertiary care hospital in the Philippines (years 2003-2004) Roel Tolentino (1), Olive Quizon (2), Luisito Llido (2)
POJ_0012.html Predicting Post-operative Complications Based on Surgical Nutritional Risk Level using the SNRAF in Colon Cancer Patients: A Chinese General Hospital & Medical Center Experience Rommel B. Ocampo, M.D., Catherine M. Camarse M.D., Yemen Kadatuan M.D., Maila Rose Torillo, M.D.
1_Fernando_Llido_et_al.pdf Prevalence of malnutrition in a tertiary care hospital in Metro-Manila Ricardo Fernando, Luisito O. Llido, and Nutrition Management and Support Team
POJ_0006.html The effect of adequate energy and protein intake on morbidity and mortality in surgical patients nutritionally assessed as high risk and low risk: report from a tertiary care private hospital in the Philippines Del Rosario DC (1), Inciong JF B (1,2), Sinamban RP (1,2), Llido LO (1,2)
POJ_0004.html The comparison between percentile and z-score in the BMI based nutrition screening of pediatric patients in the out-patient department of the Institute of Pediatrics in St. Luke's Medical Center, Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines Edna P. Llido (1), Cynthia Aquino (1), Meanne Santos (1,2), Luisito O. Llido (2).

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