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1 POJ_0005 Comparison of Body Mass Index based nutritional status using WHO criteria versus “Asian” criteria: report from the Philippines Llido, Mirasol

1-8 Open


2 POJ_0007 NST ICU Sioson, Llido 9-16 Open
3 POJ_0003 pedia bmi percentile Llido E et al 17-32 Open
4 POJ_0008 gastric emptying pregnant Sutanto et al 33-41 Open
5 POJ_0017 malnutrition hospital task force 42-54 Open
6 POJ_6 Nutritional status of patients with malignancy Roel Tolentino et al 54a-54h Open
7 POJ_0012 SNARF Chinese General Hospital Ocampo, Camarse et al 55-66 Open
8 Fernando et al.pdf Prevalence malnutrition SLMC 1995 Fernando et al 66a-66h Open
9 POJ_0006 adeq intake surgery Del Rosario et al 67-74 Open
10 POJ_0004 bmi_pctile z-score Llido, Aquino et al 75-81 Open
11 POJ_0010 nutristatus_hemodialysis_pats Divina et al 82-89 Open
12 POJ_0002 sga validation slmc Lacuesta et al 89a-89g Open
13 POJ_0001 critical care nutrition Manuales et al 8-18 Open
14 ncb117355773 Obesity surgery SLMC Dineros H et al 18a-18f Open
15 ncbi16472978 Recommended and actual calorie intake geria ICU Umali et al 18g-18k Open
16 ncbi20363592 Outcome pedia weight loss program Tan-Ting et al 18l-18p Open
17 ncbi16198450 Impact of computerization Llido LO 18q-18z Open
18 POJ_0009 obesity non-surgical approach Santos MA et al 19-28 Open
19 POJ_0011 immuno-nutrition pulmo Reza et al 29-42 Open
20 POJ_0013 pharmaconutrients radio oncology Moog et al 43-52 Open
21 POJ_0014 glutamine asprer et al 52a-52k Open
22 POJ_0015 PN 24 to 48 hours Praire, Llido 53-56 Open
23 POJ_0016 pedia assessment validation Paguia, Llido 57-73 Open
24 POJ_0018 nutrition_assessment_hemodialysis Boado, Redondo-Samin 74-88 Open
25 POJ_0019 nutristatus_mortality_hd_premiere Bernardo, Samin, Wanasen 89-104 Open
26 POJ_0020 pn_recommend_vs_aspen2014 Llido LO 105-110 Open
27 POJ_0021 sarcopenia_phil_asia Esculto M, Llido LO 111-120 Open
28 POJ_0022 unrisk study Unrisk study group 121-133 Open
29 POJ_0023 nutrition risk score_modified sga philspen Bernardino Joyce 134-140 Open
30 POJ_0024 BIA_Filipinos_correlation_BMI_MAC_MNA Balatbat et al 141-153 Open
31 POJ_0025 Pediatric nutrition screening Olay J et al 154a Open
32 POJ_0026 Cholesterol, glucose lowering effect of brown rice Sarmago M et al 154b Open
33 POJ_0027 Validation of diabetes risk assessment form Chua C et al 154c-154d Open
34 POJ_0028 Refeeding syndrome Philippines Mustofa N et al 154-162 Open
35 POJ_0029 Preoperative nutrition support with or without glutamine can reduce ICU admissions Jonathan Asprer, Luisito Llido, Ewald Schlotzer, Hrishikesh Kulkarni 163a-163b Open
36 POJ_0030 Burden of malnutrition in a tertiary care hospital in Baguio City Dominguez RJ 163c Open
37 POJ_0031 An analysis of the use of the 1960 Lubchenco growth curves on Filipino newborn infants in a tertiary care hospital in Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines Melissa T. Sy, Luisito O. Llido 163d-163l Open
38 Philspen_Online Abstracts3.html ABSTRACTS from PENSA 2007 and PhilSPEN Conventions Joyce B. Bernardino1, MD, Luisito O. Lllido2, MD 164 Open
39 POJ_0033 Factors affecting the nutritional status of Filipino elderly in home care settings Allan B. de Guzman (1,2,3), Ellysha Kaira V. Asuncion (1), Patrick Francis V. Guevara (1), Joshua Kenneth M. Santos (1), Salina Biene B. Teo (1), Diane S. Mendoza (1) 165 Open
40 POJ_0034 Difference of taste sensation depending on food composition and nationality. Yu Koyama (1), Shalika Dewmi Premarathne (2), Thulasika Oppilamany (2), Ayaka Ohnuma (3), Akiko Okuda (4), Atsuhiko Iijima (5), Noriyasu Onoma (3), Mieko Uchiyama (1). 166 Open
41 POJ_0035 The knowledge, attitudes, and its correlation to practices of pulmonologist and internists on the nutritional status assessment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients Catapia, JR MD., Bisquera, MR MD 167 Open
42 POJ_0037 An assessment of the adequacy of nutritional intake and its relationship with selected variables among adult intensive care unit patients admitted at Manila Doctors Hospital. Christian Protacio G. Betita, MD ; Olive Quizon, MD (advisor) ; Roberto Ruiz, MD (advisor) 168 Open
43 POJ_0038 The role of nutrition support team on improving post-operative nutritional status in pediatric patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery Zarei-Shargh P. (1), Mehdizadeh-Hakkak A. (1), Bagherniya M. (1), Jarahi L. (2), Mousavi Z. (3), Safarian M. (1) 169 Open
44 POJ_0039 Comparing clinical outcome and nutritional status in hypo-caloric vs. full-caloric enteral feeding trauma patients during the first week of hospitalization in intensive care unit Kazemi M. (1), Norouzy A. (1), Samini F. (2), Nematy M. (1), Birjandinejad A. (2), Mehdizadeh A. (1) 170 Open
45 POJ_0040 Association between dysglycemia and mortality in children receiving parenteral nutrition in pediatric intensive care unit Khajavi L. (1), Khademi GH. (2), Mehramiz M. (1), Norouzy A. (1), Safarian M. (1), Mehdizadeh A. (1) 171 Open
46 POJ_0041 Predisposing Factors that Affect/Influence Overweight and Obesity among Employees in San Lazaro Hospital, Manila Consuelo Sabio 172-174 Open
47 POJ_0042 Risk Factors of Metabolic Syndrome using the World Health Organization and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist Cut offs at the Nutrition Clinic of Philippine General Hospital Salome Santella, RND 175-179 Open
48 POJ_0043 Effects of three month milk supplementation among children ages three to five: anthropometric, nutrient intake and psychomotor development Diane S. Mendoza, RND 180-181 Open
49 POJ_0044 The Effect of Dried Malunggay Leaves Supplementation on the Nutritional Status of School Children Ma. Jenny Rose de Vera-Pinpin, RND 182 Open
50 POJ_0045 The Effect of Television Advertisements on the Food Choices and Nutritional Status of Selected Preschoolers in lbaan, Batangas Juvelyn J. Magadia, RND 183-185 Open
51 POJ_0046 Validation of a Modified SGA Tool for Nutrition Assessment in Two DOH Retained Hospital in the Philippines Ma. Eloisa Estipona- Villaraza, RND 186-187 Open
52 POJ_0047 Efficacy of Juice Drink Supplemented with Green Coffee Extract, Diet and Regular Physical Exercise on Anthropometric Measurements, Body Composition and Metabolic Parameters among Filipino and Vietnamese Adults Dave Clark Diaz Sison, RND 188 Open
53 POJ_0048 Adequacy of Intake in the ICU patient and effect on clinical outcomes· (mortality, mechanical ventilator days, ICU stay, hospital stay, selected laboratory data) when referred or not referred to the nutrition team Monica D. de Ramos, RND 189 Open
54 POJ_0049 Calorie Restricted Diet and Calorie Restricted, Low Glycemic Index Diet to Achieve Effective Weight Loss and Reduction in Biomarkers: A Comparative Study Rosario Monserrat Ramos-Acosta, RND, MD 190-191 Open
55 POJ_0050 Calorie, Protein and Micronutrient Intake and Clinical Outcomes of Medical Intensive Care Patients of a Private Tertiary Level Hospital Anna Monette D. Onte, RND 192-193 Open
56 POJ_0051 The Application of Different Criteria to Define Metabolic Syndrome in Selected Filipino Population Kristine Joy Ramos RND 194 Open
57 POJ_0052 A Comparative study on the knowledge of parents on diet quality of children with and without Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and diet profile of children with AD/HD Aileen Mae Kuan del Rio, RND 195-197 Open
58 POJ_0053 Comparison of Gastric Residual Volumes among Critically Ill Patients receiving Peptide versus Intact-protein enteral formula using Refractometry in a Private Tertiary Hospital Eliza Mei Perez-Francisco, MD 198 Open
59 POJ_0054 Effects of Canned Pineapple Consumption on Nutritional Status, lmmunomodulation and Physical Health of Selected Six to Nine Year Old School Children Mavil May C. Cervo RND 199 Open
60 POJ_0055 Effects of Brown Rice on the Cholesterol and Fasting Blood Glucose of Hypercholesterolemic Patients Maureen De Guzman-Sarmago, RND 200 Open
61 POJ_0056 Effects of Sweet Potato Green Leaves Consumption on the Glycemic Response of Diabetics Jigzcel Divine Franca-Basoy, RN 201 Open
62 POJ_0057 Validation of Diabetes Risk Assessment Form (adapted from FIND RISC) for Undiagnosed Type2DM Adult Residents at Barangay 212 Zone 19, District II, Manila (April-May2014): A Cross-Sectional Analytical Study Cindy G. Chua, MSc, RND 202-203 Open
63 POJ_0058 The Effect of L-Carnitine supplemented drinks on the body composition of yount overfat Filipinos ages 25 to 35 years old Kevin E. Carpio 204-205 Open
65 POJ_0060 Review and comments on the Nutrition and Dietetics Law of 2016 Luisito O. Llido 208-212 Open
66 POJ_0061 Comments on the REDOX Trial Luisito O. Llido, MD 213-214 Open
67 POJ_0062 Asia Pacific Group Parenteral Nutrition - Glutamine, where do we go from here?
Asia Pacific Group Parenteral Nutrition - Glutamine, where do we go from here?
Paul Wischmayer 215-225 Open
68 POJ_0063 Comments on the OMEGA Trial Luisito Llido 226-228 Open
69 POJ_0036 The Role of Nutrition Intervention in Burn Patients Nematy M 229 Open
70 POJ_0064 Immune-enhanced nutritional intervention in cancer patients treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy Chitapanarux I, Pisprasert V et al 230-231 Open
71 POJ_0065 Determination of muscle mass reference standard for sarcopenia among normal filipino young adults by bioelectric impedance analysis Carpio, KE1, Cervo, MMC1, Sison DCD1, Llido, LL1,2, Panlasigui, LN1 232 Open
72 POJ_0066 Validity of predictive equations for estimation of resting energy expenditure among mechanically ventilated critically ill patients: Preliminary findings Pei Chien Tah1,2, Vineya-Rai Hakumat-Rai3, Bee Koon Poh4, Mohd Basri Mat Nor5, Hazreen Abdul Majid6, Chee Cheong Kee7, Mazuin Kamarul Zaman8, Mohd Shahnaz Hasan1 233-234 Open
73 POJ_0067 The effect of nutritional care of patients with esophageal cancer undergoing concurrent chemoradiotherapy Yu-Chen Hsieh, Tsang-En Wang, Yu-Ru Yang, Ying-Fang Wang 235 Open
74 POJ_0068 Effects of non-protein calories : nitrogen ratio and all possible risk factors on parenteral nutrition– associated cholestasis in low birth weight neonates. Chingchai, Pongsatorn 236 Open
75 POJ_0069 Target calorie achieved and their outcome in critically ill children receiving enteral nutrition (EN) in a tertiary care centre in India Sreedharan L1, Kandath S2, Shankar B1 Clinical Dietetics1, Critical Care2, 237 Open
76 POJ_0070 Parenteral Nutrition: Beyond GUT feeling? Quality improvement initiative (QII) “Phase II” Pheiroijam Verenia Devi, Rajalakshmi.P, Vijayashanthi.C, Daphnee.D.K, Shankar B 238 Open
77 POJ_0071 The ‘SUN’ Initiative: Does Preoperative Carbohydrate Treatment Help Outcomes of Surgery? Radha R C 1., Gurava Reddy A V 2., Anita M 3., 1. et al. 239 Open
78 POJ_0072 Nutrition intervention in patients with head & neck cancer (HNC) receiving chemoradiotheraphy (CRT) Alagirimunuswamy.R, Dr.Pothuraj .M.Christopher.S, Balasundaram.B, Shankar.B 240 Open
79 POJ_0073 Comparison of 3 tools to assess nutrition risk in Intensive care unit- Is SGA a better tool? D.Redha, N. Priya2, Shankar B1 241 Open
80 POJ_0074 Handgrip dynamometry and anthropometric measurements for assessment of nutrition repletion in cancer patients Uthara.U(1),Prabha.V(1),Malarkodi.M(1) 242 Open
81 POJ_0075 Aggressive nutrition therapy for ventilated patients with high NUTRIC score in a multidisciplinary ICU in a tertiary care hospital in India: scope for protocolization? Uthara.U, Mahendran.S, Malarkodi.M, Prabha.V 243 Open
82 POJ_0076 Body composition analysis of apparently healthy staff members of a multi specialty hospital in south India - an awareness initiative Uthara.U,Preethi.V 244 Open
83 POJ_0077 Determining liver stiffness using shear wave elastography in morbidly obese patients prior to bariatric surgery compared with liver biopsy Jamialahmadi T1,Goshayeshi L2, Jangjoo A3, Ghaffarzadegan K4, Rajabzadeh F5, Javid Z1, Rezvani R6, Nematy M7 245-246 Open
84 POJ_0078 Applications of enteral Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids during the treatment of GI cancers: a systematic review of RCTs Chen MJ, Wang TE, Chu CH, Lin YS, Chang CW 247 Open
85 POJ_0079 Inadequate postoperative calorie supplementation in critically ill patients with high modified NUTRIC score is associated with high mortality rate Yun Tae Jung, MD, Seung Hwan Lee, MD, and Jae Gil Lee, MD, PhD 248 Open
86 POJ_0080 The dysphasia rehabilitation team rounds in an acute-phase hospital Motoaki Inagawa1), Takatoshi Iida1)2), Yusuke Ogawa1), Testuya Yoshida1), Tomohiro Kudo1), Astushi Naganuma1), Toshiyuki Tanaka1), Testushi Ogawa1) 249 Open
87 POJ_0081 EFFECT OF EICOSAPENTAENOIC ACID ON BODY COMPOSITION AND INFLAMMATION MARKERS IN PATIENTS WITH HEAD AND NECK SQUAMOUS CELL CANCER FROM A PUBLIC HOSPITAL IN MEXICO Obed Solís-Martínez, Valentina Plasa-Carvalho, Geraldine Phillips-Sixtos, Yanelly Trujillo-Cabrera, Arturo Hernández-Cuellar, Gloria Eugenia Queipo-García, Eduardo Meaney-Mendiolea, Guillermo M. Ceballos-Reyes, *Vanessa Fuchs-Tarlovsky. 250 Open
88 POJ_0082 Effect of antineoplastic treatment on resting energy expenditure and quality of life in patients with gynecological cancer. Vanessa Fuchs-Tarlovsky, Bárbara Torres-Vázquez, Miramontes-Balcón Karina, Carolina Cárcoba-Tenorio, Anahí Raya-Hernández, Lorena Pérez-Moreno, Anaís Romero-Colín, Bejarano-Rosales Mónica Patricia, Alvarez-Altamirano Karolina. 251 Open
89 POJ_0083 The ‘SUN’ Initiative: Do we have the scope to Scale Up Nutrition in Neuro ICU? Radha R C 1., Mehrotra N 2., Chidrawar S 3., Anita M 4., Rajni M 5., 252 Open
90 POJ_0084 The dysphagia rehabilitation team rounds for 7 years in an acute-phase hospital Motoaki Inagawa1), Takatoshi Iida1)2), Yusuke Ogawa1), Testuya Yoshida1), Tomohiro Kudo1), Atsushi Naganuma1), Toshiyuki Tanaka1), Testushi Ogawa1) 253 Open
91 POJ_0085 Association between common obesity-associated variants and clinical phenotypes in Thai adults Chaichana C 1, Khumkhana N 1, Pimsen K 1, Chanprasert C 2, Tangjittipokin W 3, Plengvidhya N 2, Yenchitsomanus PT 4, Homsanit M 5, Densupsoontorn N 6, Santiprabhob J 7, Yamwong P 1, and Pramyothin P 1 254-255 Open
92 POJ_0086 The role of Non-governmental organization in provision of energy and nutrients, the impact on laboratory parameters and duration hospitalization in Imam Reza Mashhad Javid Z1,Jamialahmadi T1, Sedaghat A2,Mozaffari Rad N3, Nematy M4 256 Open
93 POJ_0087 Need for nutrition support through top-up formula for patients undergoing cancer treatment in a multispecialty tertiary care hospital in Chennai, India. Uthara.U, Malarkodi.M, Prabha.V 257 Open
94 POJ_0088 Knowledge, attitude, and counseling skills of training resident physicians about nutrition at Iloilo Mission Hospital (IMH) for the year 2017 Basadre L V(1), Praire F C,(1), Omena J L(1), Barbasan J D(1), Dayaday D J(1), & Woo BA F(1) 258 Open
95 POJ_0089 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training for university students of registered dietitian Hirohiko Mochizuki M.D. 259 Open
96 POJ_0090 Nutritional Status of Admitted Patients in the Intensive Care Unit of Hospitals in Iran Zeinab Javid1, Mahdi Shadnoush2, Abdolreza norouzy3, Tannaz jami alahmadi4, Batoul Khoundabi5 , Seyed Mohammadreza Hashemian5 260 Open
97 POJ_0091 Dietary Adherence, Physical Activity and Prevalence of Complications of People with Type 2 Diabetes Factoriza, O., Dela Rosa, M., Mendoza, D. 261 Open
98 POJ_0092 Dietary Intake of Micronutrient and Basal Metabolic Index (BMI) of Women in Rural Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Israr, Dr. Shahina Fayyaz, Dr. Saleem Khan, Dr. Aurangzeb 262 Open
99 POJ_0093 Knowledge on and adherence to Prescribed Dietary Intake during hemodialysis treatment among patients from UPH-Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical Center
Knowledge on and adherence to Prescribed Dietary Intake during hemodialysis treatment among patients from UP
Bitera, M., Factoriza, O., Maximo, M. 263 Open
100 POJ_0094 Eating Difficulties, Adherence to Dietary Prescription and Quality of Life Among Stroke Patients Bitera, M., Factoriza, O., Macatigos, E 264 Open
101 POJ_0095 Evaluation of protein energy wasting among patients on maintenance hemodialysis at the Renal Care Services of Makati Medical Center using subjective global assessment and ISRNM criteria Mortel, S.R. (a), Bisquera, M.R., MD (b), Reyes, I.B., RND 265 Open
102 POJ_0096 Nutrition prescription concerns in hospital charts: recognizing the benefits of a nutrition intervention team Alicia Mitra, RND (1); Anna Mae P. Cinco, RND (2); Cassandra Bigornia, RND (3); Naheeda D. Mustofa, MD FPCP DPBCN (4)) 266 Open
103 POJ_0097 Reviewing the need for higher sensitivity risk screening for Refeeding Syndrome among Elderlies: A Case Report Naheeda D. Mustofa, MD; Ma. Luisa A. Manlapaz MD; Keziah Manalo, RND; Sarah Santos, RND 267 Open
104 POJ_0098 Enteral nutrition for patients with head and neck cancer - Consensus statement of the Gastroenterological Society of Taiwan Wei-Kuo Chang (1), Yueh-Hsia Kuo (2), Hsin-Chun Feng (2), Pei-Wei Shueng (3), Muh-Hwa Yang (4), Pei-Jen Lou5, Bor-Shyang Sheu (6), Ming-Shiang Wu (7), Jaw-Town Lin (8) 268-269 Open
105 POJ_0099 High Protein from Animal and Plant Based Diet Have Almost Same Effects on Post-energy Expenditure and Satiety in Young Adult Tsani AFA (1), Lee MJ (2), Kim EK (2) 270 Open
106 POJ_0100 Effect of omega-3 containing enteral formula feeding to the TLC of cancer patients in comparison to non- omega-3 containing enteral formula feeding Manansala, L.A.J. and Hernando, A.Y.J. 271 Open
107 POJ_0101 Prevalence of peripheral neuropathy among Type 2 DM patients on metformin: is it time for a Vitamin B12 and biguanide combination drug? Naheeda D. Mustofa, MD; Vivian Balsamo, RMT; Mylene Amarante; Regina Najwa Baliguas 272 Open
108 POJ_0102 Prevalence of malnutrition among 1 to 5 years old pediatric patients admitted in two tertiary hospitals using a locally validated and modified pediatric nutrition assessment tool (PSGNA) Macalintal, Mercedita M., MD 273 Open
109 POJ_0103 A preliminary study on the nutritional intake among patients admitted at the medical intensive care unit and its relationship with clinical outcomes Blanco-Estabillo, AC; Albay, AB Jr.
274 Open
110 POJ_0104 The Effects of a Hypocaloric Nutrition Therapy on Patients in the Respiratory Care Center Pei-Hua shih (1) Mei-Due Yang (1,2) Meng-Chun Lu (1) Liang-Wen Hang (3) Chuen-Ming Shih (3) Chih-Ching Yen (3) Rong Lu (3) Yi -Na Wu (4) Hui -Xuan Lai (4) Yi Yi- Zhou (4) 275 Open
111 POJ_0105 Medical cost of antibiotics and NST activities Naohiro Washizawa MD, Hirokazu Naganuma RD, Chika Utijima RN, Atsushi Suzuki RPh, Chisato Yamashita LT, Hideki Sekiya DD, Tatsuhiko Furuhashi MD, Masashi Watanabe MD 276 Open
112 POJ_0106 Dietary supplement–drug interactions of patients with chronic disease in community pharmacy Sornsuvit C (1), Thampitak P (1) , Tripetch P (1) 277 Open
113 POJ_0107 Association between malnutrition and health care cost among community-dwelling older Chinese adults Yuhui Zhang, PhD; Linlin Fan, MA; Shirley Li, MD; Jamie Partridge, PhD; Ling Claytor, MD, PhD; Scott Goates, PhD 278 Open
114 POJ_0108 Association between malnutrition, hesalth outcomes and healthcare costs among older Chinese adults Junmin Wei, MD; Linlin Fan, MS;, Yuhui Zhang, PhD; Shirley Li, MD; Jamie Partridge, PhD, MBA; Ling Claytor, MD, PhD; Suela Sulo, PhD 279 Open
115 POJ_0109 The clinical nutrition service program: report from a nutrition team in a private tertiary care hospital in the Philippines from January to August 2017 Karna Igasan MD, Gail Turalba MD, Precy Gem Calamba MD, Melissa Sy MD, Julie Cajayon RND, and Butch Navarette RND 280 Open
116 POJ_0110 High risk surgical patients – Pre- and postoperative care Arved Weimann MD MA 281-282 Open
117 POJ_0111 Critical care nutrition update: does the nutrition team still achieve adequate intake with good outcomes? Precy Gem Calamba and Luisito Llido MD 283 Open
118 POJ_0112 Is NUTRIC Score vital to implement aggressive nutrition support in critically ill? Daphnee.D.K,Rajalakshmi.P Zahira Khathun.A,B Shankar 284 Open
119 POJ_0113 Comparing preoperative TLC and %TLC as nutritional risk factors predicting mortality after percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) Haruna Nakamura, Wong Toh Yoon, Kaori Yoneda, Yukiko Endo, Kayoko Nakao, Chie Mihara 285 Open
120 POJ_0114 The difference between Hakka and Hoklo Taiwanese in the diet and disease Yu-Ying Chen, Pei-Rong Li 286 Open
121 POJ_0115 Prevalence of malnutrition and nutritional status data of pediatric patients admitted in a tertiary care hospital in the Philippines Melissa T. Sy MD 287 Open
122 POJ_0116 The role of insulin resistance in the outcome of nutritionally high-risk patients managed by a nutrition team Dr. Yazmin Zuniga and Dr. Luisito O. Llido 288-294 Open
123 malnutMonitor.php Malnutrition Monitor Malnutrition Task Force - PhilSPEN 295 Open
124 changeMalnutPattern.php Changing malnutrition patterns in the Philippines - reported by St. Luke's Medical Center - Quezon City Clinical Nutrition Service - St. Luke's Medical Center, Quezon City, Philippines 296 Open
125 POJ_0117 The Prognostic Capacity of the Nutrition Risk Score and Subjective Global Assessment (SGA) Grade of the PhilSPEN Modified SGA on Mortality Outcomes. Joyce B. Bernardino(1), MD, Luisito O. Ll ido(2), MD 297-305 Open
126 POJ_0118 Restrictive versus liberal intraoperative fluid delivery and outcome in surgical patients in a private tertiary care hospital in the Philippines for the year 2014 Willmar Jayve M. Anoso, MD and Danilo del Rosario, MD, FPCS, DPBCN 306-310 Open
127 POJ_0119 Nutrition care of ICU patients upon discharge from the hospital to the community Eliza Mei Francisco, MD (1) and Luisito O. Llido, MD (1) 311-321 Open
128 POJ_0120 The First Philippine Hospital Nutrition Summit – Report on the presence of nutrition teams and current status of clinical nutrition practice in the Philippines, 2014 Abbott Nutrition group and PhilSPEN committee 322-330 Open
129 POJ_0121 The Clinical Nutrition Fellowship Program - the key to the hospital based clinical nutrition implementation in the Philippines Luisito O. Llido MD

331-344 Open

130 POJ_0122 Cost_effectiveness_enteral_vs_parenteral_nutrition Manuales Grace, Lacuesta-Corro Leia, Paguia Grace, Llido Luisito 345 Open