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LIST OF PENSA 2017 ABSTRACTS | List of Submitted Abstracts by Country

37 POJ_0031.html An analysis of the use of the 1960 Lubchenco growth curves on Filipino newborn infants in a tertiary care hospital in Quezon City, Metro-Manila, Philippines Melissa T. Sy and Luisito O. Llido
39 POJ_0033.html Factors affecting the nutritional status of Filipino elderly in home care settings Allan B. de Guzman (1,2,3), Ellysha Kaira V. Asuncion (1), Patrick Francis V. Guevara (1), Joshua Kenneth M. Santos (1), Salina Biene B. Teo (1), Diane S. Mendoza (1)
40 POJ_0034.html Difference of taste sensation depending on food composition and nationality. Yu Koyama (1), Shalika Dewmi Premarathne (2), Thulasika Oppilamany (2), Ayaka Ohnuma (3), Akiko Okuda (4), Atsuhiko Iijima (5), Noriyasu Onoma (3), Mieko Uchiyama (1).
41 POJ_0035.html The knowledge, attitudes, and its correlation to practices of pulmonologist and internists on the nutritional status assessment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients Catapia, JR MD., Bisquera, MR MD
42 POJ_0037.html An assessment of the adequacy of nutritional intake and its relationship with selected variables among adult intensive care unit patients admitted at Manila Doctors Hospital. Christian Protacio G. Betita, MD ; Olive Quizon, MD (advisor) ; Roberto Ruiz, MD (advisor)
43 POJ_0038.html The role of nutrition support team on improving post-operative nutritional status in pediatric patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery Zarei-Shargh P. (1), Mehdizadeh-Hakkak A. (1), Bagherniya M. (1), Jarahi L. (2), Mousavi Z. (3), Safarian M. (1)
44 POJ_0039.html Comparing clinical outcome and nutritional status in hypo-caloric vs. full-caloric enteral feeding trauma patients during the first week of hospitalization in intensive care unit Kazemi M. (1), Norouzy A. (1), Samini F. (2), Nematy M. (1), Birjandinejad A. (2), Mehdizadeh A. (1)
45 POJ_0040.html Association between dysglycemia and mortality in children receiving parenteral nutrition in pediatric intensive care unit Khajavi L. (1), Khademi GH. (2), Mehramiz M. (1), Norouzy A. (1), Safarian M. (1), Mehdizadeh A. (1)
69 POJ_0036.html The Role of Nutrition Intervention in Burn Patients Nematy M
70 POJ_0064.html Immune-enhanced nutritional intervention in cancer patients treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy Chitapanarux I (1,2,3), Pisprasert V (4), Chitapanarux T (5), Chakrabhandu S (1,2), Jiratrachu R (6), Chottaweesak P (7), Rasio W (7), Sripan P (1,2,3), Traisathit P (8)

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