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Risk factors for diarrhea in critical care patients in St. Luke's Medical Center Igasan, Karna MD
132 POJ_0124 Local Study on Hand Grip Measurements of Patients Referred to the Clinical Nutrition Service of St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City, Philippines Calamba, Precious Gem MD
133 POJ_0125 Patients receiving High Risk Nutrition Package at St. Luke's Medical Quezon City during the period from September 2016 to September 2017 Calamba, Precious Gem MD
134 POJ_0126 Association of the nutritional status with one year survival rate of cancer patients seen at out-patient nutrition clinic in a private tertiary hospital: a two year retrospective cohort study Turalba, Gail MD
135 POJ_0127 The GLIM Project GLIM project coordinators
136 POJ_0128 Hand Grip Dynamometer Status of Diabetes patients versus Non-Diabetes patients De Vera, Carla RND; Navarrette, Butch RND; Llido, Luisito MD
137 POJ_0129 Prevalence of Computed Tomography Defined Sarcopenia in newly diagnosed non-metastatic Cancer Patients Yabut, Vince Leenard MD
138 POJ_0130 Measurements using the hand grip dynamometer using normal, strong, and weak states Woolbright, Mary Karen MD; Calamba, Precious Gem MD; Llido, Luisito MD
139 POJ_0131 Use of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition on the First Three Days in the ICU (Intesive Care Unit), St. Luke/s Medical Center, Quezon City, Philippines Ramos Nini RND and Navarette Butch RND
140 POJ_0132 Parenteral Nutrition Utilization in St. Luke/s Medical Center, Quezon City, Philippines - report for the years 2004 and 2016 Llido, Luisito MD
141 POJ_0133 Clinical Nutrition Service Report: parenteral nutrition utilization in St. Luke's Medical Center, Quezon City from May 2016 to June 2017 Clinical Nutrition Service Report for May 2016 to June 2017
142 POJ_0134 Perioperative Nutrition Management - A Survey on the Philippine Society of General Surgeons Philippine Society of General Surgeons
143 POJ_0135 Surgical Management, the experience at University of the East from 2016-2018 Del Rosario, Deo MD
144 POJ_0136 The efficacy of administration of probiotics and antibiotics versus antibiotics alone in elective surgery in the reduction of risk of surgical site infections – a systematic review Rafael Luis C. Encarnacion MD; Co-Authors: Danilo D. del Rosario MD; Domingo Bongala MD

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