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PENSA 2017 Congress

Submitted: May 31, 2017

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Title: The knowledge, attitudes, and its correlation to practices of pulmonologist and internists on the nutritional status assessment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients

Author(s): Catapia, JR MD., Bisquera, MR MD

Institution where study was conducted: Department of Internal Medicine, Makati Medical Center

Keywords: malnutrition in COPD; knowledge; attitudes; practices; nutritional support

Background: Malnutrition which poses a serious problem to COPD patients could be prevented by adequate nutritional support through appropriate assessment by health care providers.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the self-reported knowledge, attitudes, and practices of internists and pulmonary specialists toward nutrition support in a tertiary care hospital setting.

Methods: Knowledge, attitudes and practices of 66 healthcare workers were gathered thru survey using a validated questionnaire.

Results: Majority of the respondents (86.4%) had average knowledge and (81.8%) had positive attitudes in performing nutritional assessment. The level of knowledge was similar across all levels but the attitudes of the medical residents was more positive when compared to the consultants (p value=0.028). There was no significant correlation between the level of knowledge and the attitudes and practices. Majority (45%) of the respondents do not practice nutritional assessment of COPD patients.

Conclusion: The pulmonologists and health care providers are aware and enthusiastic regarding nutritional assessment among COPD patients. Despite their degree of awareness and favorable attitudes, these do not translate to their practice.


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