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Thesis Abstract

Efficacy of Juice Drink Supplemented with Green Coffee Extract, Diet and Regular Physical Exercise on Anthropometric Measurements, Body Composition and Metabolic Parameters among Filipino and Vietnamese Adults

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Submitted: May 2012

AUTHOR: Mr. Dave Clark Diaz Sison, RND

INSTITUTION WHERE STUDY WAS DONE: Philippine Women's Univeristy, Metro-Manila, Philippines

KEYWORDS: Overweight, Obesity, Visceral Fat, Body Fat Loss, Filipino, Vietnamese, Green Coffee Extract, Diet Modification and Regular Physical Exercise


As reported by the World Health Organization there is an increasing prevalence of obesity on most countries a􀀍ound the world. The cause of obesity is multi-factorial and the most widely known cause is energy imbalance. In the Philippines, as reported in the 7th National Nutrition Survey (2008) by FNRI-DOST, an increasing prevalence of obesity particularly the android type was seen and has been associated and known to be an important marker of degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes and some forms of cancer. In Vietnam, the 2009 General Nutrition Survey indicates that prevalence of overweight and obesity was at .4.9% for males and 6.3% for females.

Purpose of the Study
This study was done to see the effect of juice drink supplemented with green coffee extract on body fat loss among Filipino and Vietnamese adults for twelve (12) weeks.


The subjects were ┬Ědivided into two major categories: with modified diet and physical activity and those without modification. Sub-groups that comprise the two (2) major categories include green coffee extract {GCEMPAD) and placebo (GCEMNOT).


Using Analysis of Co-variances (ANCOVA) with Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT) results indicate that after intervention GCEMPAD can conceivably decrease body weight by 4.59%, body fat by 25.53%, fat mass by 11 .81 %, visceral fat by 17.98%, body mass index by 5.28%, waist and hip circumferences by 7.09% and 3.31% respectively. While GCEMNOT can possibly reduce body fat by 2.37%, fat mass by 0.67%, body mass index by 1.02%, and waist circumference by 2.98%.


It can be concluded that intake of juice drink supplemented with green coffee extract can further enhance weight and body fat Joss while modification of diet and physical activity generally help improve morphometrics of study participants.


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