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Thesis Abstract

The Application of Different Criteria to Define Metabolic Syndrome in Selected Filipino Population

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Submitted: December 2012

AUTHOR: Kristine Joy Ramos RND

INSTITUTION WHERE STUDY WAS DONE: Philippine Women's Univeristy, Metro-Manila, Philippines



Purpose of the Study
This study applies and determines which of the three different crlterfa defined Metabolic Syndrome by age and gender among selected Filipino subjects using modified WHO, IDF and NCEP ATP Ill definition.


The study protocol was granted an ethical clearance and approval by the Research Ethics Board (REB) of the University of the Philippines Manila before the study was started. An informed consent was distributed and explained to the participants at the start of the study. The participants sign the informed consent if they decided to join the study. A questionnaire was used to obtain basic information from the participants. A total of 50 subjects were included in the study. Height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure were measured and analyzed. Blood samples were collected and analyzed at the laboratory. Nominal data comparisons were done using chi-square. T-test was used for the comparison of the mean. All dota were analyzed using SPSS. Significance was set at P <0.05.


The percentage estimates for metabolic syndrome was increased with age for all the definition for men and women. The percentage of MS for female using NCEP ATP Ill was 43% followed by IDF 25% and Modified WHO 9%. The percentage of MS for male using NCEP ATP Ill criteria was 22% followed by IDF with l l %. While Modified WHO Criteria had few numb􀀍r of male respondents that fall under the risk parameters of MS. The percentage of MS by age group was higher on ages 40 years old and above regardless of the criteria used. Using ch.­square, significant difference was observed between NCEP ATP Ill and IDF measures,


NCEP ATP Ill defined metabolic syndrome among selected Filipino subjects, followed by IDF criteria.

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