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Thesis Abstract

Effects of Sweet Potato Green Leaves Consumption on the Glycemic Response of Diabetics

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Submitted: April 2014


INSTITUTION WHERE STUDY WAS DONE: Philippine Women's Univeristy, Metro-Manila, Philippines



Purpose of the Study
The study determined the effects of sweet potato green leaves (lpomea Batatas) on the glycemic responses of diabetics through quasi experimental trial among twenty­three subjects with diabetes mellitus type 2.


Protocol of the study was reviewed and approved by the Ethics Review Board of San Pedro Hospital Incorporated, Davao City. Demographic and dietary profiles were determined through interview and 7-day food record. Subjects were asked not to take their medications and supplements and fast for 8-10 hours the night before the blood extraction. Blood glucose response at 0,30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes after consumption of 50 grams available carbohydrates from the test meals: (Tl- white bread, T2- white bread and sweet potato greer. leaves,T3 - white rice and T4 - white rice and sweet potato green leaves) were obtained through venipuncture. Seven days wash-out period was done after test meal. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, and independent t-test to check the differences of glycemlc responses.


Mean fasting blood sugar level of the respondents was 7.68 mmol/L, but peak rise of blood glucose happened 60 minutes after consumption of all 4 Test meals. Test meal 1 and 2 exhibited glycemic response shortly after 30 minutes, however the mean glycemic response in test meal 1 was higher (228.76 mg/dL) compared to test meal 2 (192.20 mg/dL) with a mean difference of 34.49 (t=3.93), hence highly significant (p<.01). There was an increase in blood glucose 30 minutes after ingestion of test meal 3 and test meal 4 but, the peak rise happened after 60 minutes is highly significant (p<.05). Glycemic indices of white bread and white rice with sweet potato green leaves both containing SO grams available carbohydrates were 74.47 and 71.68, respectively.


The GI of white bread and white rice alone were significantly higher {p<.05) compared to white bread and potato leaves (Gl=74.47) and white rice with potato leaves (Gl=71.68).

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