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PENSA 2017 Congress

Submitted: August 3, 2017

Abstract ID = 37 | Classification: (2) - Malnutrition and related issues

Title: The effect of nutritional care of patients with esophageal cancer undergoing concurrent chemoradiotherapy

Author(s): Yu-Chen Hsieh, Tsang-En Wang, Yu-Ru Yang, Ying-Fang Wang

Institution where study was conducted: Department of Dietetics, Nutrition Medicine Center, Tamsui branch, Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

Keywords: Esophageal cancer, Malnutrition, Nutrition support, Weight loss

Background: Compared with other digestive cancers, the nutritional status of patients with esophageal cancer is relatively poor, with more than 70% of them suffering from malnutrition at initial diagnosis. Result of the risk of mortality rate doubles when patients with loss over 10% weight undergoing concurrent chemoradiotherapy(CCRT). Hence, it is important to maintain an optimal nutritional status and nutritional intervention undergoing CCRT.

Objectives: We aim to analyze the nutrition status and dietary intake of patients with esophageal cancer undergoing CCRT.

Methods: We conducted a case-series retrospective study and collected 67 patients with esophageal cancer and that receiving CCRT from Feb 2016 to May 2017. And patients were received 2-4 times nutrition consulting. The data of weight, dietary intake and nutritional status (albumin, hemoglobin, WBC and total lymphocyte count) were collected before and after CCRT.

Results: The results indicated that the baseline calorie and protein were 1458.9±459.8 kcal/day and 60.7±19.3 g/day. The values of calorie and protein were increased to 1795.6±353.2 kcal/day and 77.4±16.9 g/day after CCRT. And all patients showed slower weight loss. There were 90.9% patient can over 80% of recommendation. The laboratory data show that albumin was improved after CCRT. Before the patients receiving operation, the calorie and protein intake were 1759.2±468.1 kcal/day and 64.1±17.5 g/day. And the body weight still maintain.

Conclusion: Nutritional assessment and intervention of patients with esophageal cancer can maintain optimal nutritional status, improve daily calorie, protein intake and weight loss undergoing CCRT. The patients can even maintain body weight before receiving operation.