Philippine College of Medical Nutrition Physicians (PCMNP), Inc.

(Formerly Philippine Board of Clinical Nutrition (PBCN))



Committee on Credentials

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The Philippine College of Medical Nutrition Physicians (PCMNP) Inc. formerly The Board of Clinical Nutrition (PBCN)

  • It is an independent credentialing body organized in year 2007 by the Philippine Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (PHILSPEN) and its partners in the practice of clinical nutrition
  • Its main goal is to promote the safe delivery of clinical nutrition by certified clinical nutrition physician sub-specialists who have the necessary level of knowledge and skills to provide quality care in this area.
  • Its implementing body is the Committee on Credentials.

What does PCMNP do?

  • PCMNP administers the CLINICAL NUTRITION SPECIALIST certification program to CLINICAL NUTRITION PHYSICIANS. CLINICAL NUTRITION PRACTICE, which is a composite of the following disciplines: nutrition support, nutrition therapy, and nutrition care, is a sophisticated and specialized practice that requires the expertise and knowledge of multiple health-care professionals including physicians, dietitians, nurses, and pharmacists.
  • Through its credentialing program, PCMNP does the following:
    • Determines the body of knowledge and skills needed to have a basic understanding and ability to execute judgment and/or action on clinical nutrition practice
    • Develops different means to test applicants,
    • Promotes the credentials to all clinical nutrition physicians and organizations focused on clinical nutrition practice.
  • The PCMNP certification enables clinical nutrition physician sub-specialists to identify themselves as qualified caregivers in all aspects of clinical nutrition practice.
  • Coordinates and communicates with existing training programs in clinical nutrition in the country (Philippines) for continuing development and improvement (including research in basic and clinical nutrition) with the ultimate goal of providing optimum care to the patient. | back


Committee on Credentials: | back

Primary Goals | Composition | Qualifications | Conflict of Interest | Credentialing Requirements | Tenure of Office

  • Primary goals of the Credentials Committee
    • Credentialing a candidate for the title of “Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition” (DCN) or “Diplomate, Philippine Board of Clinical Nutrition” (DPBCN), and “Certified Clinical Nutrition Specialist – [Specialty]” (Certified Clinical Nutrition Specialist – Physician, CCNS-P; Certified Clinical Nutrition Specialist – Dietitian, CCNS-D; Certified Clinical Nutrition Specialist – Nurse, CCNS-N; and Certified Clinical Nutrition Specialist – Pharmacist, CCNS-Ph). (See revisions in Board Resolution #2)
    • Interim qualifying function: with the presence of only one accredited training program  in clinical nutrition designed for physicians (fellowship in clinical nutrition in St. Luke’s Medical Center), this certification only applies to physician applicants in the current period until revoked by a new board resolution by the Committee on Credentials with concurrence by the PBCN board. (See revisions in Board Resolution #2) | back
    • Today credentialling is now focused on the Diplomate of Philippine College of Medical Nutrition Physicians which is based on by the same board of PCMNT.

  • Qualifications of the Committee on Credentials members:
    • Founding member or board member of PHILSPEN or board member of PBCN now the board of PCMNT.
    • Involved in the leadership or training committee of PHILSPEN or other nutrition or quasi-nutrition organizations
    • Nominated and chosen by the board of PBCN now the board of PCMNT (Philippine College of Medical Nutrition Physicians)| back
  • Conflict of interest: the chairman in his active tenure as chairman of the Committee on Credentials should not occupy the highest position of another nutrition or quasi-nutrition and or medical/surgical organization like PHILSPEN, PMA, PCS, PSG, etc (i.e. head or president thereof). | back
  • Tenure of office of the Committee on Credentials
    • Each member will hold the position for three (3) years and can be elected as often as needed by the Board of PBCN, now the Philippine College of Medical Nutrition Professionals.
    • Removal from committee before tenure ends shall be by 2/3 vote from the board of (PBCN) now Philipine College of Medical Nutritional Physicians after due process which shall be qualified by the board members of (PBCN) now PCMNP in a special board meeting. | back
  • Credentialing requirements of the candidates:
    • Completed training in Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition in an accredited institution and must show the certificate of fellowship.
    • Graduate of Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition (MSCN) and must show the certificate of MSCN.
    • Passed the Qualifying Examination for Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition given by the (Philippine Board of Clinical Nutrition) now the Philippine College of Medical Nutrition Physicians, which is announced through the website of the (PBCN) now the Philippine College of Medical Nutrition Physicians:
    • Additional requirement for the MSCN graduates – they must show proof of practice in clinical nutrition for one year | back